Ramone Harper training at KBC

Available Trainings

It Takes 2: Who is Helping You Lead?

This training is the companion to Ramone’s lastest book. It is designed to help support leaders understand their purpose and how to help lead their organizations without being the senior leader. Specifically, this training will focus on knowing your leader, the vision, and yourself by understanding the qualities and motivations of a leader.

Transforming Visions into Realities

Our flagship seminar is designed to help leaders to identify, interpret, and strategically transform their organizations vision into a reality.  Seminar can be conducted in a one day session, two day training, or retreat. 

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

This training is designed for team building and helping leaders work together to accomplish their mission.


This training is designed to help leaders understand the need for change.  Attendees will understand the changes they must make individually in order to implement change corporately in their organizations.

Pathway to Promotion

This training is designed to encourage and challenge leaders to learn a guaranteed way to obtain their senior leadership's attention and to advance in their organization.

The Experience

This training is designed to help your organization develop an experience for your clientele that will have them running back for more.

Tailored Made Trainings

In addition to our flagship trainings listed above, we are also able to offer seminars custom to fit your context. Contact us at info@bnbconsultingllc.com for booking information.