What Others are Saying

Kim Bethea Sykes

Kim Bethea Sykes, MBA, SBA 8a graduate – Founder, SYKES COMMUNICATIONS 

“Occasionally, God permits us to CLEARLY see his anointing hand on a chosen vessel and we have witnessed such in Ramone's journey. God has recognized that Ramone stands with a level of integrity our Father seeks in order to download his divine wisdom. Blessed, anointed, chosen servant walking.”

Dr. Dharius Daniels

One of my favorite biblical characters is an individual named Joseph whose life’s story is recorded in the Old Testament. He was creative, visionary, strategic, grounded, and wise. This is what ”It Takes 2: Who is Helping You Lead?” book is about. This work reminds the Joseph’s of the world that your contribution to business, churches, and government is invaluable. You are a gift to the world and a special gift to people like me. I’ve had the blessing and privilege of having Ramone as a Joseph for over a decade. My life and our organization would not be the same without him. The content contained in these pages isn’t just a message he has written, it’s a message he has lived.

J. Monique Walker

J. Monique Walker, President - Media Max Productions, New Orleans, LA

“When I think of Ramone Harper, 5 Attributes come to mind: Professional, Organized, Success Driven, Self-Motivating, Spirit-Lead- Man of God. When I need qualified Business Leadership in Texas, I can count on the fine team of qualified leaders at BNB Consulting to exceed performance expectation time and time again!”

Marcus D. Wiley

Marcus D. Wiley, who is now a part of the nationally syndicated Yolanda Adams Morning Show.  

"Ramone laid the foundation for my career.  He believed in me before I believed I could do it."  

Lorenzo Ewing

Pastor Lorenzo Ewing – The Fellowship of Love Church, Houston, TX

“Ramone Harper & BNB Consulting will bring to a Church's roundtable, through his gift of interpretation, business concepts, principles, recommendations, strategic planning, tried and proven methods to the parameter of a particular house's vision with which he will work, that will direct towards growth, stability, and advancement of the purpose for which that particular church is called.”

Tim Worley

Tim Worley

Co-Founder | CEO

Worley Global Enterprises

Former University of Georgia and NFL Running Back

It’s the #2s in my life that have made it possible for me to have any measure of success, and I’m so grateful to Ramone for bringing attention to these overlooked, unsung heroes.  What Ramone is contributing to every kind of leadership through this book isn’t just enlightening; it’s essential.”